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Heaps Normal

Heaps Normal is an independent non alcoholic beer company with a mission to normalise mindful drinking by brewing beer that tastes so good. The company brews great tasting, non-alcoholic beer without the hangover. The perfect choice for those who are looking to cut back on their drinking or identify as sober but still want something that tastes just like alcohol! Heaps Normal is part of a global movement trading the standard drink for a new drink standard.
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Heaps Normal Range
Beer without the hangover
Heaps Normal Another Lager is brewed to wash down a schnitty special –with chips if you’re feeling cute. This non-alcoholic beer for when you reach the end of the craft rainbow and you’re fangin’ for a pot of gold or you’ve been workin’ the plough and you want a big cold beer… er, now. Shop Now
Beer without the downsides
Heaps Normal XPA is a full-flavoured and easy drinking beer, without the downsides. So you can dial the good times up to 11 and still perform at your best the next day. Whether you're cheering on your team at the game, or just kicking back with some friends, Heaps Normal XPA is always a winner. Shop Now

Not one to step away from the technical challenge and intricacies (aka blood, sweat, and tears) of brewing alcohol-free craft beer, Ben from Heaps Normal lifts the lid on just how he made the leap to create a taste that rival’s beer, without the hangover. After already successfully brewing beer-as-you-know-it for over a decade, the reason why the non-alcoholic beer venture began may surprise you.

Meet Ben, head brewer and co-founder of Heaps Normal


The story behind one of Australia's best non alcoholic beer brands.

Heaps Normal, an Australian based company, was formed by four friends, all of whom had the same goal in mind, to cut back on the booze. A goal plenty of us strive to achieve.

Andy Miller, the company's CEO, had spent years working within the alcohol and beer industry and was ready for some kind of change.  Peter Brennan, the Head of Brand, grew up around alcohol and adults who consumed it regularly, this was the norm for him.  Ben Holdstock, Head Brewer, is great at his job having worked for some of Australia's most well-known craft beer companies. And last but not least, Jordy Smith, a Global Brand Ambassador and competitive surfer, has given up alcohol in his pursuit for a world title so he has always been searching for the perfect alternative. You can see all these men have the passion and drive to create an alcohol free beer that still tastes great (which is often hard to find). They worked hard over months and months and finally were able to launch their alcohol free beer company, Heaps Normal, and launched their very first product, you may have heard of it, the Quiet XPA.

The four friends have the same goal in mind, to normalise mindful drinking and believe they will achieve this goal by brewing beer that actually tastes good but contains absolutely no alcohol. Genius! We all know drinking can be fun but getting wasted can get old and honestly tiring, why not enjoy the night clear headed and challenge ourselves to tell better stories. Plus you can enjoy these beers while doing literally anything, driving a car, in a movie theater, in the park, anywhere! The convenience is unmatched.

Their story is built on the simple premise that there are some things in life that are simply too good to be wasted. Traditional alternatives to alcohol suck, whether it's meeting up with friends after work, or having a barbeque. Sugary soft drinks, tea, coffee, or water are the only alternatives in most pubs and restaurants in Australia. It isn't exactly a sophisticated replacement. Their first  beer that passed the pub test took more than 6 months to create, with many failures in the process. This unique combination of their own formula, brewing method, and non-traditional yeast allowed the 4 to create a beer that doesn't sacrifice that great beer flavour.  It's clear that Heaps Normal's main goal is to spread the message that you don't need alcohol to have a good time in Australian culture but you can still enjoy the same great taste.


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