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Giesen Non Alcoholic Wine

If you haven’t already heard, Giesen Estate has released their carefully crafted zero alcohol range. Giesen Wine Estate has added a 0% Merlot, Rosé and Pinot Gris to its 0% wine portfolio, following the insanely popular sell out of the world's first alcohol-removed New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc in 2020.

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Giesen 0% Merlot
A delicious, refreshing red wine with all the flavour of the real thing SHOP NOW
Giesen 0% Sauv Blanc
A dry and crisp, yet refreshing, with its alcohol gently removed. SHOP NOW
Giesen 0% Pinot Gris
A crisp, and refreshing, with all of the qualities you've come to expect, just without the alcohol.  Shop now
Giesen 0% Rose
Aromatically expressive, crisp, and refreshing, with the qualities you know and love Shop Now

Giesen Zero Range

A small introduction

Giesen Estate is serious about producing the best tasting, lowest calories non alcoholic wine range for people who want to decrease their alcohol intake.
Many different types of non alcoholic beverages exist but this particular brand has made it their mission in life by investing over $1 million in innovative spinning cone technology to become only more capable at making great wines with no alcohol, added sugars or chemicals whatsoever - just healthy carbs from grapes simply refined through traditional methods mastered over centuries past which yield incredible results when done right. Giesen Estate is set to keep the 0% wines flowing and new additions will surely be a hit.

How is the Giesen Zero wine made?

The Giesen team makes a great quality wine as the starting point! They craft an authentic, premium full strength New Zealand Pinot Gris and then use innovative spinning cone technology that extracts alcohol from it for distillation into three parts - aroma, body (which collects all ingredients), and finished product. The evolution continues with recombining the body and the aroma of the wine so you can have a varietally-expressive end product.

This process is a bit different to other options on the market that use less gentle reverse osmosis methods to remove the alcohol or those who don’t involve creating wine at all. Giesen takes those extra steps to make sure the final blend is as close interpretation of an alcoholic wine you can get!

What is a spinning cone technology?

The spinning cone technology is a popular form of distillation in perfume making because it can handle delicate aromas with care. This means wineries are able to keep as much of the beautiful, varietally-expressive aroma and recombining it to the wine body while still retaining an accurate representation of the wine characteristics we love at not more than 0.5% alcohol - about equal levels found naturally occurring among fruit juices!

The Giesen team is pretty pumped about what this means for the quality of their wines. Number one, investing in these machines onsite allows them greater capability to experiment with making truly great alcohol-removed wine. And number two is the freshness, which Giesen thinks is a fundamental factor to a great tasting deacloholised wine.


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